June 5, 2024

Paul Weber introduced Mike Doherty, an Ag Economist with the American Soybean Association to discuss Illinois Agriculture and the Global Food System. 
  • 80% of all farm revenues in Illinois are from corn & soybeans with 55% of Illinois soybeans are exported to China. 
  • About 85% of the world's population lives outside the US so the ag market is selling predominately out of the country. 
  • Growth in calories per person is happening all over the world and global meat consumption is skyrocketing. From 1961 to 2020, it's increased from 71M tonnes to 340M tonnes with a projection of 460-570M tonnes by 2050. The most recent projection for the global meat consumption is a 14% increase by 2030.
  • Meat demand is driven by both population and income. As income increases, life expectancy goes up, demand for calories goes up and quality of diet goes up. The international standard of living remains the driver of demand for meat.
  • There are 3 overriding factors that mold Illinois Agriculture:
    • China, Asia, Southeast Asia, Mexico and the European Union
    • Distance to NOLA (gives us access by barge to other countries)
    • Soils and climate (agro-climate conditions)
  • Soybeans account for 30.3% of the dry flowable exports by commodity thru NOLA just to Europe. 
  • Illinois is the only state with a direct transport to the ports in NOLA.
  • There are 4 major factors challenging the future of Illinois farms:
    • China's change in population growth
    • Climate change (August/Sept. overnights are now almost 10* higher and brings higher humidity and subsequently causes more disease/weed problems in the late season & drought conditions in August/Sept. are creating low water levels)
    • Brazil cost competitiveness (their soybean production has increased 56% over the past 10 years)
    • Rent prices for farmland (on average in McLean County, 85% of the land being farmed is by a farmer paying cash rent on the land)
  • For additional questions, please email Mike at dohertydevelopment@outlook.com 


Cathy Oloffson: The Campaign & Sponsorship Committee is meeting virtually later this month. If you're on the committee and didn't get the invitation, please contact Cathy. We're still working on the "buy a t-shirt, give a t-shirt" campaign for camp. If you'd like to buy shirts, contact Cathy.
Mike Laffey: Since we don't have a scheduled meeting on June 17th, the Program Committee has arranged an opportunity to visit/tour the Prairie Aviation Museum at 12:00pm. (no lunch provided) If you'd like to attend, please let Mike know. Members are encouraged to bring kids and/or grandkids with as well!
Scott Seibring: Camp Limberlost is July 7-12. We have 60 campers registered and 10 on the waiting list. We still need help with 'camper support' so please sign up on the website to help.
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