2017 Sale Dates:  Monay's at meetings 11:45 - 1:05,  November 6th through December 18

The Kiwanis Club of Bloomington has a pre-holiday cheese sale every year from mid-November through the last Monday meeting before Christmas. Over the years we have been able to sell in excess of $10,000 of cheese annually to support Kiwanis projects. This is not only a great way to support the Kiwanis Kids, but a timely way to stock up on your holiday need for cheese. Cheese is a great gift item. All of the products are sealed in packages for safe keeping and store well for quite a while. The combo and gift pack are ready for shipping.

Cheese Photo meneu PDF                        Cheese Sales Order Form                 2017 shipping Labels (sheet of four)    

prices and selection for 2017 same as 2016